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Picture of String Tie-Dye Technique

String Tie-Dye Technique

When you’re looking for a similar but slightly different tie-dye effect, use string instead of rubber bands. We show you how here!

Picture of How to String Technique

How to String Technique

Picture of Step 1:

Step 1:

Pull, twist or shape damp fabric according to instructions for desired tie-dye pattern.

Picture of Step 2:

Step 2:

Tie string tightly around fabric and secure with a knot.

Picture of Step 3:

Step 3:

Cut off excess string after securing.

Picture of Step 4:

Step 4:

Continue process until fabric is secured according to pattern instructions.

Picture of Step 5:

Step 5:

Dye and let set according to instructions. Carefully cut off string before washing.

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