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Tie Dye Your Summer, home of Tulip® One-Step Tie Dye®, is part of the extensive Tulip® collection of colorful DIY products for crafts, fashion art and so much more. For 30+ years, the Tulip team has been innovating products like One-Step Tie Dye, Dimensional Fabric Paints, Fabric Spray Paints and Fabric Markers to make the creative process fun and easy. Our passion for color products is driven by the passion of our DIYers, who voted our products some of America’s Favorite.


To learn more about Tulip and our assortment of craft and DIY offerings, visit us over at!



Tie Dye Your Summer began in 2013 as a summer-long campaign to spread the joy of tie dye and show people just how easy it is to use our Tulip® One-Step Tie Dye. (That’s why we named it “Tie Dye Your Summer”!) The Tulip team covered a vintage Volkswagen Bus with tie-dye print and went traveling throughout the state of California, handing out our tie-dye kits at events and teaching people how to use them.

 Tie dye Tulip Bus

To support our campaign, we also launched a simple web page where people could track the Tie Dye Your Summer van and learn more about One-Step Tie Dye. This was the official start of!


Tulip Tie Dye’s popularity continued to grow as more and more people discovered how exciting and easy it is to use! The best part is that tie dye expanded from mainly a summer activity into year-round creative fun, and the coolest fashion trend of the year by 2020. We’ve kept the name “Tie Dye Your Summer” all of these years as a tribute to our first grass-roots campaign in 2013.