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Live In Color With These Easy Tie-Dye Projects

Not just for T-shirts, tie dye is a way of life! If you’re wondering how to wear tie dye, or how to add more tie dye to your world, you’re in the right place. From denim and loungewear to shoes, bags, bedding, curtains and more, we have easy tie-dye projects that show absolutely anyone can tie dye, and there’s no wrong way to do it!

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Create Your Own Tie-Dye Fashion Looks

Everyone from celebrities to your next-door neighbors are doing tie dye at home! Make a statement in the coolest tie-dye trends for all ages, including sweats, loungewear, hoodies, and even face masks to match every outfit. We’ve got the tie dye, the inspo and the easy tie-dye tutorials to show you how!