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Pigments are usually water and solvent insoluble, with the exception of their dye counterparts. The two categories of pigments are organic pigments (which are made up of carbon molecules) and inorganic pigments (composed of mineral compounds). Organic pigments, as well as various subcategories of organic pigments, remain our primary focus. We offer HPP, Phthalocyanine pigments, AZO pigments, and a number of other options as well.

As a quality-oriented supplier, distributor, and provider, we are committed to providing a diverse range of Pigments. These pigments can be used to colour textiles, yarns, paper, plastics, handicrafts, and other products, and come in a variety of pigments and container options. We are also huge supplier of Food Colors.

Leading Pigments Supplier in India

- Yellow Dyes

Pigments Specialization

Yellow Dyes is a company that supplies Pigments that can also be used as a specialized chemical. We are a company which supplies all types of chemicals. Our expert staff has years of experience in the pigments industry, which translates into reliable products at competitive prices.

We provide customers with high-quality goods that are tailored to their specific requirements. The objective of Yellow Dyes is to give great service that consistently exceeds our client's expectations. If you require any customised Pigments, please contact us via mail at sales@yellowdyes.com and our team will assist you in obtaining the exact product you require.

Color Product Name C. I. No CAS No
Blue Pigment Blue 15:0 74160 147-14-8
Pigment Blue 15:1 74160 147-14-8
Pigment Blue 15:2 74160 12239-87-1
Pigment Blue 15:3 74160 147-14-8
Pigment Blue 15:4 74160 147-14-8
Green Pigment Green 7 74260 1328-53-6
Pigment Green 8 10006 16143-80-9
Orange Pigment Orange 5 12075 3468-63-1
Pigment Orange 13 21110 3520-72-7
Pigment Orange 34 21115 15793-73-4
Red Pigment Red 2 12310 6041-94-7
Pigment Red 3 12120 2425-85-6
Pigment Red 4 12085 2814-77-9
Pigment Red 8 12335 6410-30-6
Pigment Red 12 12385 6410-32-8
Pigment Red 22 12315 6448-95-9
Pigment Red 23 12355 6471-49-4
Pigment Red 31 12360 6448-96-0
Pigment Red 48:1 15865:1 7585-41-3
Pigment Red 48:2 15865:2 7023-61-2
Pigment Red 49:1 15630:1 1103-38-4
Pigment Red 53:1 15585:1 5160-02-1
Pigment Red 57:1 15850:1 5281-04-9
Pigment Red 63:1 15880:1 6417-83-0
Pigment Red 81 45160:1 12224-98-5
Pigment Red 112 12370 6535-46-2
Pigment Red 122 73915 16043-40-6
Pigment Red 146 12485 5280-68-2
Pigment Red 169 45160 12237-63-7
Pigment Red 170 12475 2786-76-7
Pigment Red 210 12477 61932-63-6
Violet Pigment Violet 19 73900 1047-16-1
Pigment Violet 23 51319 6358-30-1
Yellow Pigment Yellow 1 11680 2512-29-0
Pigment Yellow 3 11710 6486-23-3
Pigment Yellow 12 21090 6358-85-6
Pigment Yellow 13 21100 5102-83-0
Pigment Yellow 14 21095 5468-75-7
Pigment Yellow 17 21105 4531-49-1
Pigment Yellow 74 11741 6358-31-2
Pigment Yellow 83 21108 5567-15-7

  • To supply and sell the best quality chemicals while supporting corporate ethics that respect our workers, customers, suppliers, and the environment.
  • To grow as one of the leading producers in the chemical industry on a local and worldwide scale by consistently developing and improving our products while following our ethics with utmost sincerity.
  • To focus our efforts on our clients' specific needs and assist them in improving their market position for greater outcome.
  • Updating new services, technologies and products in the market by using our considerable expertise in the business.
  • To achieve efficiency and reach our maximum potential, we rely on the power of collaboration and customer satisfaction.

Pigments are widely utilised throughout India. Our firm is a name that people know and trust; our brand name connotes quick delivery, low pricing, and high-quality Chemical. In India, we have delivered chemical to a variety of towns and enterprises. As a result, we are regarded as one of India's leading Pigments Suppliers.

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Yellow Dyes is one of India's major Chemical suppliers. We are one of India's leading Suppliers, Dealers and Stockists of Chemical due to its dependability and performance. Every month, we supply Pigments containers to a variety of clients from Indian Ports. Our products are available in a number of Indian cities.

  • Mumbai
  • Jamnagar
  • Gandhinagar
  • Ratnagiri
  • Vishakhapatnam
  • Kolkata
  • Pune
  • Hyderabad
  • Lucknow
  • Kanpur
  • Maharashtra
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  • Gujarat
  • Haryana
  • Kerala
  • Punjab
  • West Bengal
  • Delhi
  • Telangana
  • Uttarakhand
  • USA
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  • Russia
  • Japan
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  • Italy
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  • Turkey

Types of Pigments

Organic pigments
Organic Pigments

Organic pigments are built on a base of carbon chains and rings. Even if certain organic pigments include inorganic elements as stabilisers.

Inorganic pigments
Inorganic Pigments

Inorganic pigments do not contain carbon chains or rings. They are composed of dry ground minerals, the majority of which are metals and metallic salts.