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Pigment Emulsion Supplier in India – Yellow Dyes

Yellow Dyes is the leading Pigment Emulsion Supplier in India. Pigment Emulsions are used in textiles, paint, ink business, soap industry, and a variety of other applications. Pigment Emulsion are known for their colorfastness and purity.

We supply our own pigment emulsion, from which we deal a variety of pigments. This total integration enables us to better serve our customers by providing high-quality, cost-effective color solutions.

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Pigment Emulsion are dispersed organic pigments used in textile printing. The pastes are precisely prepared to achieve great dispersion and may be readily swirled into a textile binder without the need for additional grinding. We provide a variety of Pigment Emulsion, such as Black MV, Blue MB, Orange M5G, Red MGR, and others.

With the right binders, Pigment Emulsion provide great purity of tone and beautiful colours on textiles. These pastes may easily be blended together to create a range of colours. We supply high-quality chemicals purchased from recognised vendors in the industry and we also supply the Pigment Emulsion. We are also huge supplier of Solvent Dye.

Pigment Emulsion Specialization

Pigment Emulsion are high-dispersion pigment suspensions made from a water-pigment auxiliary combination. The Pigment Emulsion is relatively easy to make, and it has excellent flow characteristics. The resulting prints have a great brilliancy and a delicate feel chevalier. It offers high rubbing and cleaning resistance.

Types of Pigment Emulsion We Supply


CAMATHICK CME CONC – High Performance Synthetic Thickener for Pigment Printing.

Prominent Features:

  • Low doses produce high viscosity.
  • Smooth swelling and uniform blend.
  • Have the best rheology for crisp line definition in printing.
  • Screens do not clog, even with finer mesh and at high speeds.
  • APEO / NPEO free.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Appearance: Off — white to pale yellow pourable liquid.
  • Chemical Nature: Polymeric compound.
  • Ionic Nature: Anionic.
  • Dispersibility : Excellent in all amounts with water.
  • Compatibility: It works well with both anionic and nonionic products.


  • Substrate: Cellulosic, polyester fabric & their blends.
  • Machines: Printing equipments & machines.
  • Function: Thickened in pigment printing.

CAMAMICRO ETN SUPER – High Performance Binder for Pigment Printing.

Prominent Features:

  • Generates a film that is water resistant, robust, transparent, and powerful.
  • Re-emulsification abilities are exceptional.
  • Low viscosity and high active content allow for sharper and brighter prints.
  • High resistance to mechanical shear.
  • Exceptional thermal stability.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Appearance: Milky white liquid.
  • Chemical Nature: Polymeric compound.
  • Ionic Nature: Nonionic.
  • Miacibility: Easily miscible with water in all proportions.
  • Compatibility: Excellent with Thickeners, Fixers & Pigment Emulsions.


  • Substrate: Cellulosic, polyester fabric & their blends.
  • Machines: Printing machinery and equipment.
  • Function: Pigment printing binders.

PRINTOSOFT CX – Softener for Pigment Printing.

Prominent Features:

  • Ensures that prints are smooth and supple.
  • There is no impact on yield or print quality.
  • Improve print brightness and sharpness.
  • Mechanical shear resistance is high.
  • Exceptional thermal stability.
  • There is no negative impact on the rheology of print paste.


  • Appearance: Off — white paste.
  • Chemical Nature: Polyoxyethoxylated derivative.
  • Ionic Nature: Nonionic.
  • Miscibility: Ink paste compositions are easily miscible.
  • Compatibility: It works well with pigment print components.


  • Substrate: Cellulosic, polyester fabric & their blends.
  • Machines: Printing machinery and equipment.
  • Function: Softening in pigment printing.

Pigment Emulsion – Clients Project Report

Pigment Emulsion are widely utilized throughout India. Our firm is a name that people know and trust; our brand name connotes quick delivery, low pricing, and high-quality chemicals. In India, we have delivered chemicals to a variety of towns and enterprises. As a result, we are regarded as one of India’s leading Pigment Emulsion Suppliers.

Products We Supply Cities / States
Pigment Emulsion Supply Manufacturing Facilities Rajasthan
Pigment Emulsion supply Gujarat
Pigment Emulsion Pune, Maharashtra
Pigment Emulsion Supplier Vijaywada, Hyderabad

Pigment Emulsion – Our Sales Location

Yellow Dyes is one of India’s major Chemical suppliers. We are one of India’s leading Suppliers, Dealers, and Stockists of Chemicals due to their dependability and performance. Every month, we supply Pigments containers to a variety of clients from Indian Ports. Our products are available in a number of Indian cities.

Cities States Countries
Mumbai Maharashtra USA
Jamnagar Goa Germany
Gandhinagar Gujarat Russia
Ratnagiri Haryana Japan
Vishakhapatnam Kerala Qatar
Kolkata Punjab Italy
Pune West Bengal South Africa
Hyderabad Delhi France
Lucknow Telangana Canada
Kanpur Uttarakhand Turkey