Hair Dye Supplier and Dealer in Panipat

Hair Dye Supplier and Dealer in Panipat

Yellow Dyes is a high-quality Hair Dye Supplier and Dealer in Panipat. Yellow Dyes is a company specializing in researching, processing, and developing hair dyes that combine synthetic and natural ingredients.

The most common application of Hair Dye is to colour hair. Semi-Permanent Hair Dye comes in a variety of colours and formulas. These dyes are developed after extensive research and testing to ensure that they are safe to use. Chemical engineers in the labs utilise cutting-edge processes and high-quality raw materials to synthesis completely pure quality dyes.

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Some of the main characteristics of Hair Color Dyes are: Pure, Harmless, and the compositions are flawless. Our tremendously successful products are the result of our meticulous attention to quality standards. Our ongoing goal is to achieve success by ensuring that our work meets the needs of our customers and establishing long-term business connections. We are also huge supplier of Solvent Dye.

Hair Dye Specialization

Yellow Dyes is a company that supplies Hair Dye that can also be used as a specialized chemical. We are a company which supplies all types of Hair Dyes. Our expert staff has years of experience in the Hair Dye industry, which translates into reliable products at competitive prices.

We provide customers with high-quality goods that are tailored to their specific requirements. The objective of Yellow Dyes is to give great service that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations. If you require any customised Hair Dye, please contact us via mail at and our team will assist you in obtaining the exact product you require. and our team will assist you in obtaining the exact product you require.

Hair Dye Specialization Chart

Hair Dyes
Hair Dyes CAS NO Chemical Formula MW gm/mole
Basic Blue 99 68123-13-7 C19H20BrN4O2Cl 451.5
Basic Brown 16 26381-41-9 C19H21ClN4O 356.85
Basic Brown 17 68391-32-2 C19H20ClN5O3 401.85
Basic Red 51 77061-58-6 C13H18ClN5 279.6
Basic Red 76 68391-30-0 C20H22ClN3O2 371.86
Basic Orange 31 97404-02-9 C11H14ClN5 251.7
Basic Yellow 57 68391-31-1 C19H28ClN5O 377.9
Basic Yellow 87 68259-00-7 C15H19N3O4S 337.39
Basic Violet 2 3248-91-7 C22H24ClN3 365.9
HC BLUE 11 23920-15-2 C13H21N3O5 299.32
HC BLUE 12 132885-85-9 C12H20ClN3O4 305.76
HC BLUE 16 502453-61-4 C23H30BrN3O2 460.41
HC BLUE 124 67846-56-4 C15H16ClN3O2 305.76
HC YELLOW 4 59820-43-8 C10H15N2O5 242.23

Our Future Aims and Goals

  • To supply and sell the best quality Hair Dyes while supporting corporate practices that respect our workers, customers, suppliers, and the environment.
  • To be a competitive leader in the chemical industry on a local and worldwide scale by consistently developing and improving our products while keeping faithful to our core values.
  • To focus our efforts on our clients’ specific needs and assist them in improving their competitive position and performance.
  • To constantly bring new services, technologies, and products in the market by using our considerable expertise in the business.
  • To achieve efficiencies and reach our maximum potential, we rely on the power of collaboration.

Client Project Report

Hair Dye is widely utilized throughout India. Our firm is a name people know and trust; our brand name connotes quick delivery, low pricing, and high-quality Hair Dye. in Panipat, we have delivered Hair Dye to various towns and enterprises. As a result, we are regarded as one of India’s leading Hair Dye Suppliers.

Products Supply Cities & States
Hair Dye Supply Manufacturing Facilities Rajasthan
High Quality Hair Dye Gujarat
Best Hair Dye Pune, Maharashtra
Hair Dye Supplier Vijaywada, Hyderabad

Hair Dye – Our Sales Location

Yellow Dyes is one of India’s major Hair Dye suppliers. We are one of India’s leading Supplier and Dealer of Hair Dye due to its dependability and performance. Every month, we supply Hair Dye containers to a variety of clients from Indian Ports. Our products are available in a number of Indian cities & Countries.

Cities States Countries
Mumbai Maharashtra USA
Jamnagar Goa Germany
Gandhinagar Gujarat Russia
Ratnagiri Haryana Japan
Vishakhapatnam Kerala Qatar
Kolkata Punjab Italy
Pune West Bengal South Africa
Hyderabad Delhi France
Lucknow Telangana Canada
Kanpur Uttarakhand Turkey