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Chemical Reagents are common compounds used in chemical research and component analysis, and they are critical for scientific and technological growth. They are frequently employed in substance production, separation, qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Chemical Reagents are accessible in both liquid and solid forms. Reagents with varied characteristics and quality are available depending on the intended purpose. We supply high-quality chemicals purchased from recognised vendors in the industry and we also supply the Chemical Reagents. We are also huge supplier of Herbal Extracts.

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A Chemical Reagent is an essential component of every chemical process. A Reagent is a material or product that can facilitate a reaction and is utilised in the majority of commonly used tests. This covers pregnancy tests, blood glucose tests, and the majority of COVID-19 test kits.

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Chemical Reagents Types Types

Types of Chemical Reagents Types

Grignard Reagent is an organometallic chemical containing magnesium halide that belongs to the nucleophilic reagent class due to its negative carbon ion. It was discovered by French chemist Fran & ccedil. Grignard reagents come in two varieties:
1. Chlorobenzene (benzyl chloride) interacts with magnesium in the presence of ether (tetrahydrofuran).
2. Cyclopentane bromide reacts with magnesium (zinc) in the presence of ether (tetrahydrofuran).

The Silane Reagent is an organosilicon monomer molecule that is used to modify or protect active groups in chemical synthesis. It was first employed in analysis to replace active hydrogen in organic compounds with silyl groups. The physical characteristics of its silyl derivatives alter, as does the boiling point. Later, in organic synthesis, such as in the pharmaceutical business, a vast variety of silylating reagents, such as hexamethyldisilazane, were utilised to boost reaction product yield.

Deuterated Reagents are generated from products of the nuclear physics heavy water extraction business. The creation of the atomic bomb in the 1940s accelerated the growth of the saltwater and heavy water refining business, which progressively transitioned from military and national security uses to high-tech R & D applications. Germany and the United States now dominate the manufacture of high-purity deuterated derivatives.

Desulfurizers are chemicals that remove free sulphur or sulphur compounds from fuel, raw materials, or other materials; in pollution management and treatment, they are chemicals that may remove sulphur oxides (including SO2 and SO3) from exhaust gases. As desulfurizers, a variety of basic chemicals can be utilised.

Organic Reagents, often known as an organic compound, is made up of made up of carbon atoms bonded to hydrogen atoms, as well as other elements like as oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, and so on. 1-Phenyl-2-Propanone / Phenylacetone, Benzaldehyde, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Chloride, Benzyl Cyanide, Diphenylmethane, and Phenyl Acetic Acid are among our organic compounds.

Chiral Chemicals is focused on Nutraceuticals and speciality fine chemicals, with the goal of consolidating India's rich intellectual history in chemistry and natural resources. We provide the following speciality chemicals: - Chiral compounds, Selenium compounds, phase transfer catalysts, crown ethers, pyridine compounds, pyrimidine compounds, indoles, acetophenones and propiophenones, piperazines, benzenes, and piperidines.