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Significance of Yellow Dyes in this Industry

Yellow Dyes play a significant role in the supplying of Dyes, Chemicals & Pigments. The chemical industry's economic importance arises from its range of products used by other industries to produce goods such as paints, plastics, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. Intermediates are a subset of chemicals which are often used to produce other supplied items.

We offer a wide range of products which includes: Chemical Intermediates, Dyestuff, Hair Dye, Food Color, Pigments, etc. We are committed to provide the highest quality products to our customers at competitive prices. Our company policy is based on three main pillars: continuous improvement, customer focus, and quality commitment.

For example, to make an acid dye intermediate, a petrochemical is treated with sulphuric acid to produce hydrochloric acid and hydrogen chloride gases which react to produce an acid



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